Anti Tremor Device

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As seen in the pictures, the ATD itself is a small, black, flat disc that you attach to your wrist using a velcro strap. The Velcro strap is replaceable and comes in four different colors: Black, Blue, Pink and White. The strap is one-size.

Also included in the package is a travel case, a USB cable for charging and a printed version of the manual. Be aware that the charger plug must be plugged into a USB port on a computer, or into a USB charger that connects to an electrical outlet (not supplied).

You’ll find extra straps here if you want to have some in reserve – or just like having some colors to switch between.

If you want to customize the programs on your ATD, you will need to download a computer program found on this page . The guide to the program can be found in the manual that comes with it – which can also be downloaded on the same page as the program.

Read more about the computer program further down this page .

This is how ATD works

ATD works by emitting small vibrations / shakes where it sits – which is why it is also called “shaking bracelet”.

The small shakes that the bracelet emits cause the body to send some signals to the brain which slow down or stop the shakes.

However, if the body gets used to the rhythm of the shaking, the effect diminishes. Therefore, ATD is programmed to run 7 different programs. This ensures that the brain does not get used to the patterns. After the seventh program has run, the program series starts again – why you can use the shake bracelet for many hours.

ATD works independently of medication.

You can read more about how ATD works here .

Who can help ATD?

ATD is designed for Parkinson’s patients and people suffering from essential tremor (tremor). The anti-shaking effect of ATD has not been tested on other target groups.

The magnitude of the anti-shake effect is different from person to person. Some only experience a decrease in the shaking, while others experience that they completely disappear (while wearing the shake bracelet).

You can read more about who ATD can help here .

Here's how to get started

To start your new ATD, just go through the following three steps:

  1. Take ATD on one of your wrists.
  2. Tighten the Velcro strap as much as you can without making it uncomfortable.
  3. Turn the ATD on (ON / OFF) button – and experience the shake bracelet’s anti-shake effect.

However, after the first time with your new ATD, you may find that some programs work better than others. In this case, you can reprogram your ATD to run only the most efficient programs (however, you need to switch between a minimum of two – preferably more – programs to get the full effect).

You reprogram your ATD using a small, manageable computer program, which you will find in the guide in your manual. In the program you can adjust:

  • Frequency for each program (there are 3 levels for each program).
  • The vibration strength for each program (here are 3 levels for each program).
  • Which of the 7 programs ATD should run.
  • How long the snooze function should be active.
  • The light intensity of the LED (ie how bright it is).

Manual and computer program for adjusting vibration, diode and snooze function can be found at the bottom of this page .

ATD is developed and produced in collaboration with Torben Juhl, Engineer Par Scientific A / S