Who can help ATD?

ATD is developed primarily for the treatment of tremors in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease or from essential tremors (also called tremors). Therefore, we also recommend ATD to these patients. Whether ATD can help people suffering from tremor for other reasons has not yet been tested.

This is how ATD works

ATD releases small vibrations / tremor to the wrist where it sits. These vibrations cause the body to send some signals to the brain, causing it to shut down the transmission of the signals that cause one to tremor. Read more about how ATD works here .

ATD works independently of medication and requires no intervention – whether it is used to treat Parkinson’s or tremor.

Can ATD be Harmful?

Since ATD does nothing but vibrate on the user’s wrist, and thus utilize the body’s own signals, it can do no harm or aggravate the tremor permanently.

Why use ATD to treat Parkinson’s and essential tremor (tremor)?

Precisely because ATD works completely without medication and intervention, it is a risk-free and side-effect treatment of the tremor. The magnitude of the anti- tremor effect users experience varies – some feel that their tremor stops completely, while others feel that they are simply reduced.

“It is not me who has Parkinson’s, but my husband who has had it noted for approx. 21/2 years. He has some tremors, but ATD has helped a lot, not just every day, but as a whole a minor shake of approx. 50-60%. “

User opinion.

Whether users experience a greater or lesser effect, many feel that it improves their quality of life.

ATD can significantly improve the quality of life

Even if the ATD only reduces the shaking, it can still have a huge impact on the person’s everyday life and quality of life. For example, if you suffer from shakes on your hand, eating it yourself can be difficult. Handshakes make it difficult to hold the cutlery. Reducing the shaking can make it possible to eat again yourself.

“Regarding ATD watch, I can tell that it works in a way that I can better keep the food on the fork and spoon. It’s a big relief as the food always fell off. “

User opinion.

Of course, for those who experience a great anti-shaking effect using ATD, it also has a significant and positive impact on their everyday lives. For many, this means that situations involving stress or cold suddenly become manageable again.

“I turn it on in situations where I have experience of wanting shakes – for example. be in stress-like situations. The effect seems to occur immediately, Likewise, I experience a good effect when used outdoors in cold weather, where the cold experience intensifies possibly. tremors. “

User opinion.