Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as computer program and manual.

Frequently asked questions


I feel some programs don't help with the shaking, can that be right?

It can be very individual which of the programs on the ATD has an effect on people’s shaking. Some programs may work really well on your particular shakes, while others may have no effect at all. Therefore, you also have the option of omitting some of the 7 different programs that are installed by default on the ATD. If you find that some of the programs are not working, you can ask the ATD not to play them. You do this by installing the computer program, which you will find further down this page. Using. this program lets you select which programs the ATD should run and which ones to fail. Likewise, you can also adjust the strength and frequency of each program, as well as many other things. You will find the instructions for the program in the ATD Manual.


The ATD does not light when running ... why not?

Generally, the vibrations from the ATD will tell you that it is running. The light from the diode on the ATD can, to that extent, generate unwelcome attention, so it does not glow during normal use. Only when it is charging, or is running out of power, will the diode begin to light. However, if you want it lit when it is on during normal use, this can be turned on through the included computer program, which you download further down this page.


Does the ATD not always light up when it is charged, has it broken?

When the ATD is turned off, it goes to sleep to save power. It is not awakened by hibernation when plugged into a charger. Therefore, the LED will not light until you briefly start it. It will then continue to glow until it is removed from the charger again. 


Manual for AntiTremorDevice

Here you can download the manual for the ATD: ATD Manual version 1.3

Program til Pc

The ATD can be programmed to perform only the programs that help best on your shakes. Which programs are most effective for each individual. With programs you can also set the frequency and duration of the programs, the snooze function and the LED’s light. You will find instructions for the program in the manual above.