Anti Tremor

Discreet bracelet designed for people with Parkinson’s tremor

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The ATD counteracts Parkinson’s tremor as well as essential tremor (tremor). It is designed to look like a wrist watch and should sit on the wrist. The ATD itself is black and the strap is available in blue, white, pink and black. The ATD works by vibrating in different patterns. The vibrations cause the body to send signals to the brain which counteract the tremor. The ATD comes with 7 default settings that you can easily adjust yourself with the help of an included computer program.

What can ATD help with?

ATD, which stands for Anti Tremor Device, is developed for patients with Parkinson’s disease. But it can also reduce the tremor of people who suffer from essential tremors. Whether it simply reduces or completely stops the tremor is individual – but for the vast majority of people, the ATD has an incredibly positive effect and provides a significant boost in quality of life. For this, it is the only product on the market that can reduce or stop tremor – without any medication or surgery.

Available in 4 different colors

Black, Rose, White & Blue

The Parkinson's Association

Every year, 800 people in Denmark are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and in Denmark a total of approx. 7,300 affected by the disease.

As a member of the Parkinson’s Association, you can avail of the association’s many offers of advice, support, networking and information about the disease. At the same time you support the important work of the association and can participate in the events in your local circle or in the national association.

Read more about the Parkinson’s Association

The man behind ATD is Engineer Finn Rasmussen. He has Parkinson himself, and of course supports the Parkinson’s Association.

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